Why Join?

Benefits of Membership

  • Networking: No matter what your specialty, networking is one of the most valuable VSPE benefits. You can choose to network in the ways that suit you best: attend state or national meetings, use NSPE's online forums, or meet your peers and make connections by serving on a VSPE committee.
  • Career Advancement: Whether you're looking for your first job or seeking a new opportunity, VSPE membership gives you the EDGE. On the NSPE Web site, you'll find job boards, a resume posting service, and Salary Survey information. Members receive the added benefit of having links to their resumes sent to potential employers.
  • Mentoring: NSPE offers an online mentoring program for students and professionals new to the field where you can get advice, find out about new jobs, and ask questions of experienced licensed engineers. Experienced engineers can seek advice on career changes with peers from around the country in NSPE's online career transition forum.
  • Education: As our profession becomes more specialized, continuing education is key to career success. VSPE members can choose the offerings that fit their needs and schedules:
    • Attend VSPE continuing education programs
    • Take NSPE online courses
    • Obtain NSPE self-study videos
  • Professional Growth: VSPE members benefit from a number of ways to set themselves apart in a tight job market and competitive field. Take on leadership positions by working with MATHCOUNTS or the Vermont EWeek Committee. NSPE's practice divisions allow you to learn more about your industry and network with other engineers in your field.
  • Advocacy and Public Relations: You are represented in the State legislature through VSPE's Legislative Affairs Committee. On the national level, you are represented on Capitol Hill through NSPE. VSPE and NSPE speak for the engineering profession and give our members the tools and information they need to communicate with legislators and government officials. Through campaigns like National Engineers Week, Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day, and public relations outreach, we tell the public how engineers add to their lives by making the world around them safer, easier, and more fun.
  • Information: With your membership, you'll receive the latest developments and news in engineering. VSPE's quarterly newsletter, The Stamp, keeps you up to date, as do NSPE's e-newsletters and U.S. Engineering Press Review that gives members the news they need to stay on top of trends and innovations.
  • Products and Services: Your membership allows you to save money on a range of products and services offered through NSPE. The NSPE online catalog offers publications, toolboxes, and videos. Members can also purchase contracts and contract sets at discounted prices. With VSPE membership, you can also earn discounts on business, financial, and other services. 

Contact VSPE at 802-879-7733 for more information on any of the benefits mentioned above. WELCOME!