NSPE is the recognized voice and advocate of licensed Professional Engineers.

NSPE, in partnership with the State Societies, is the organization of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) and Engineer Interns (EIs). Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multi-disciplinary networking, and outreach, NSPE enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.


  1. Protection of the public welfare above all other considerations
  2. Ethical and competent practice of engineering
  3. Innovation through the creative application of math, science and engineering
  4. The PE license as the highest standard of professionalism in engineering
  5. Continuous learning for professional growth
  6. Growth in the number of licensed Professional Engineers
  7. Teamwork, unity and fellowship of all PEs across all disciplines
  8. Commitment to the future of the licensed Professional Engineer


  1. Foster Chapter-State-National partnerships to seamlessly deliver a core level of service to every member.
  2. Deliver value to our members that enhances their competence and ability to practice as a Professional Engineer.
  3. Increase membership to serve and represent the collective interests of all licensed Professional Engineers and Engineer Interns.
  4. Advocate U.S. public policy pertaining to engineering matters in the interest of enhancing public health, safety, and welfare.